Colors of peace

 Deadline for fundraising

Until the summer 2020


12 months

68 541,85$


Brief description of theproject: Ukraine is now in a state of hybrid war with the Russian Federation. Because of this, the population of the country, especially in the Eastern Region, suffers from the effects of conflict: fighting, propaganda aimed at dividing people by different characteristics (age, gender, language, social status, place of origin, nationality), economic consequences. On the other hand, Ukraine is at the beginning of an active civil society and has weak state institutions. Thus, community activists, social workers, educators, psychologists do not have the tools, experience, and resources to overcome the effects of conflict and achieve peace.

Our vision for solving this problem: the implementation of peacebuilding and unification processes in the territories affected by the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. The project will provide training for children in conflict prevention schools and the basics of nonviolent communication. The finals of the project will be the Peace Festivals, which will become a platform for peaceful initiatives by the people of the region.

Purpose of the project — implementation of peacekeeping and unification processes in the territories of the east of Ukraine through work with the school as a center of public life of cities and towns.


Community centers have been created that are unified by the idea of peace.

Improving the psycho-emotional state of people in communities in eastern Ukraine.

Activation of public life in peaceful course

Supporting the ideas of peace, promoting the reduction of aggressiveness in society.

  • Conducting training on conflict prevention and bullying in schools
  • Uniting the community around the idea of peace.
  • Holding festivals as a peacekeeping initiative to support the ideas of peace.
  • Promoting the launch of peacekeeping projects by participants of trainings and festivals, activating the region's civic life.

Khlystik Alona

Psychology, Leading Psychology Games, Author, and Leading Courses for Women and Adolescents. Certified Specialist on Creative Method Transformational Conflicts Remember, it is a perfect proposition to find others happiness.

Svetlana Lukyanchenko

project manager, has been working in the project area since 2015. She is the author and manager of many social projects aimed at helping IDPs and disadvantaged people. Manager of educational project for teachers "Mutsi zhodu"

Roman Candibour

Head of Dnipro Playback Theatre "Neighbors", Coach of Playback Theatre Certified by Center PlayBack Theater USA, co-founder of the movement Etnodrave, facilitator, practicing therapist, fairy-tale therapist. Coach of Playback Theater.

Natalia Mutik

Logistics Manager and Project Finance Manager. Actress of Playback Theatre "Once". An active woman who changing the world for the better.

Stanislav Shaposhnikov

Therapist, musician percussionist, multi-instrumentalist. Master of the playing
on hanga, darbuki, djembe, kong, bongos, hargans, dutari
and other ethnic instruments, order 20. Studied with masters in Ukraine,
India, Turkey, USA, Austria. Co-founder of the Etnodrave Movement and the Festival "Syaivo".
Coach of Drum Circle Facilitation.
An active woman who changing the world for the better.

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