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 Deadline for fundraising

Until the spring 2020


6 months

51 824 $


Review of the problem to be solved by the project: As of October 2019, the number of people with disabilities is about 2.8 million, which is 6.1% of the total population of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the number of people with disabilities in Ukraine is increasing every year due to the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. The main problem is the lack of special equipment that allows people with disabilities to move and lead a full-fledged lifestyle.
Wheelchairs or electrically operated wheelchairs are used for the comfortable transportation of people with disabilities. It is wheelchairs with electric drive that allow you to move independently. Most of these carts are provided by international charities or purchased on their own.
Over time, such trolleys require the replacement of a battery, the cost of which is prohibitive for a person who receives only a disability pension — 1600 UAH ($ 64). The average cost of one battery is 9000 UAH. ($ 360). Thanks to the project, we plan to launch a pilot project in Vinnytsia and Ivano-Frankivsk region of targeted assistance to people with disabilities in the form of batteries for electric carriages.

Objective: To provide targeted assistance to people with disabilities in the form of wheelchairs batteries. 

People with disabilities will be able to use newer and more comfortable appliances

Targeted assistance will enable disabled people to lead a full-fledged lifestyle

A modern approach to solving issues of social protection of people with disabilities

  • Formation of the list of people in which carts require battery replacement in Vinnytsia and Ivano-Frankivsk region.
  • Finding the right battery models at reasonable price and high quality.
  • Purchasing the necessary models and distributing targeted help.

Gambaryan Karen

Head of the project. Head of the Odessa branch of the State Unitary Enterprise “Spilna sprava”, author and coordinator of the art therapy center for IDP

Zykov Oleksandr

Project implementer. Project manager at Charitable Organization “Charity Foundation “Rozvitok Suspilstva”

Kulibaba Diana

Project advertiser. Coordinator and team leader of the international project “Get involved! Be a volunteer!” Assistant to the People's Deputy of Ukraine

Rudenko Eleonora

Project administrator

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