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Until the spring 2020


12 months

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Review of the problem to be solved by the project: According to the Ministry of Social Policy, as of the end of October 2019, there are 1 415 575 IDPs in Ukraine. About 15,000 displaced persons are registered in Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia region. With the onset of mass resettlement from annexed Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, no permanent psychological assistance centers for internally displaced persons were established. At the request of the victims, assistance is provided by psychologists in the social service, hospitals. But it should be noted that the qualifications of psychologists in these services are not always sufficient to address IDPs’ problems. There are 2380 beneficiaries in Non-Governmental Organization «Obiednannya Pereselentsiv «Spilna Sprava»». For almost 5 years now people have not been able to get qualified psychological help due to lack of funds, lack of time, lack of awareness of such assistance or fear of being misunderstood (in our country it is not accepted to consult psychologists).

The purpose of the project: providing modern psychocorrectional, psychotherapeutic assistance.  

Within the project, we plan to organize the work of a psychologist who specializes in post-traumatic syndrome and has experience in working with IDPs. We will hire a specialist from among the IDPs.


All IDP age groups will be able to receive free qualified psychological care until full rehabilitation.

They get necessary knowledge how to reduce emotional and mental stress, change their view of life.

Improving the mental and emotional state of IDPs. Create a positive mood and a new outlook on life today.

  • Equipment of counselor`s office
  • Private consultations
  • Group consultations

The project team

Zykov Yurii

Head of the project. Ex-deputy Head of Housing Programs for IDPs in the Public Council at the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons

Stulov Sergey

Project advertiser. Journalist of the online publication "Rozvytok Suspilstva”, journalist of the newspaper "Kolo Ukrainy"

Eleonora Rudenko

Project administrator

Chyrva Serhiy

Project implementer. Member of the National Union of Journalists. Founder of the regional newspaper VARTA KARPAT, the head of NGO "STEP IN OUR FUTURE"

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