Our team does not just work, but REALLY WORKS. This is all of us and all of our “Spilna sprava”

Tatyana Trushina, in June 2014, having moved to the city of Vinnitsa, to her husband’s homeland, rather than fled from the war, she went to visit relatives. But, over time, it turned out that there was nowhere to return. Tatyana lives in a new city with her whole big and friendly family — with her husband, daughter, son-in-law and with two wonderful grandchildren. Before the war, she carried out activities far from public, namely, she held the position of head of supply in the Mine Construction Department. Upon retirement, upon arrival in Vinnitsa, Tatyana Trushina, bored by the routine and dullness of the weekdays, took up a completely new business for her — she became a volunteer in the public organization OP «Spilna sprava.» How was her first acquaintance with the organization and much more, further in the material.

Acquaintance and work in the public organization OP «Spіlna sprava «

Tatyana Trushina: “Honestly, I was very far from the public sector, and I knew that such an organization exists only thanks to my friends. At first, I doubted whether I needed it, but in the end I decided to go and see with my own eyes what I was told about. The impetus was most likely melancholy. You know, in retirement, and even in the new city, there are not so many friends and entertainments. In most cases, there was no one to even talk to. Our acquaintance took place gradually, I sometimes came, was engaged in the issuance of humanitarian aid, and now, many of us, except for the public association “Spilna sprava,” have nothing in our everyday life. ”

“We are not volunteering … We are working”

We already go to work, although we are volunteers. There are five of us working in the humanitarian aid warehouse — myself, Natalya Gayokha (IDP from Krasnodon), Lidia Smyk (IDP from Lugansk), Svetlana Novikova (IDP from Donetsk) and Valentina Goncharuk (a local resident of Vinnitsa). Girls work three days a week, and if you need to come at ten in the morning, you can be sure that at five minutes to ten, they will be right there. Although, we do not receive money for this. Simply, they are very responsible. If someone gets sick or for some other reason cannot come to work today, they call, agree among themselves, replace each other, if they would get a salary. And this, of course, gives reason for pride. “

“We work with not only IDPs, but also serve large and low-income families. For a year and a half, we served three thousand people, I think this is already talking about something.”

«Musical Sitting» at the Vinnytsia City Library № 1

Tatyana Trushina: “Once, we were invited by representatives of the Vinnitsa City Library No. 1 to an event where fans of Ukrainian songs gather. We took part in it with pleasure and did not regret it for a minute. New fans of different ages join the group of participants of the Musical Sit-Downs almost every week. In turn, we were no exception. The creative atmosphere of such meetings is more than inspiring; I want to live, create, develop. We sing, in most cases, for ourselves, but sometimes we also arrange small concerts and performances.

Today, for us, «Musical Sit-Downs» in the library have become a pleasant tradition. And now, every week we go to the library not only to sing our favorite Ukrainian folk songs, but also to chat with friends, whom we have increased over all this time. ”

«Master classes», which are conducted by the public organization OP «Spіlna sprava «

Tatyana Trushina: “Without fail, we find time to conduct various master classes for immigrants, both for children and adults. But, the target audience, our activity is not limited. Recently, in the framework of cooperation, our public organization has prepared and held for students of the Public Organization «Parostok» an interesting master class on paper plastic. Our craftswomen helped the youth to make bright boxes for holiday gifts and filled them with sweets. Everyone was very happy and satisfied, and wondered when the next master class would be. ”

“In general, we organize events on a variety of topics. This is a fine art, the technique of decorating objects » Dekupazh «. Also, one of such events was held on the basis of V. Stus Donetsk National University «, with chemical experiments, which was very exciting and interesting to watch.»

“By the way, the head of the Vinnitsa City Library No. 1, Olga Vergun, allocated us a room in which we conduct our master classes. Our team is very grateful to her for this. Indeed, today, unfortunately, we do not have the proper premises in which we could arrange such events. ”

“In my opinion, nevertheless, there must be at least some motivation for people. After all, they come and REALLY WORaK. And no one believes that we carry out our work absolutely free. Our team never sits idle, and at all costs fulfills the tasks assigned to it. This is all of us and all of our  ”Spilna Sprava.” ”

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